Thursday, February 23, 2012

Babies #3-#8

So much has already happened today, so I thought I'd make a post! Unfortunately, my screenshot folder is only keeping the most recent screenshot. No idea why. So, when I fix it, I'll post some pictures. I'll update with more detailed information then.

Okay, so, not long after I started the game back up, Lilly and Allie grew into toddlers. Nicole taught them to walk, and then started teaching them to talk, but went into labor. She gave birth to another baby girl, named Sophie, whose father is, again, Marcel Jocque. Around the same time Sophie became a toddler, Nicole gave birth to another girl, the daughter of John Mole, named Hannah. After that came Matthew, son of Neil Chalmers, and then Henry, son of Jason Menon. Then came babies #7 and #8, Samantha and Tristan, the children of Jihoon Hsu.

During this time, Lilly and Allie aged all the way to teens, Sophie and Hannah to children, and Matthew and Henry to toddlers. :)

Also, I'm planning on doing the challenge on Sims 3 as well! I'll be making a blog for it soon. :)

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  1. What? What happened? Where did the pictures go? Why did you end it really short in this way? Do you want to continue on your challenge? You've got at least an eleventh of your way there to reach the top, but other than that, thanks for the eight kids and counting. It's been really enjoyable, but short because um... you're new to storytelling. Keep up the good work and one day, you'll write down the stories like me. Thank you and welcome to creative writing of the fictuous works.