Thursday, February 23, 2012

Babies #1 and #2

I started the challenge last night! So, I began with a woman named Nicole McGreggor. I took a screenshot of her, but I can't find it. (Sorry, I'm new at the whole storytelling thing!) Anyway, she has brown hair and green eyes, and she's a Family Aspiration, with a secondary Romance Aspiration. (I decided to make all the babies have different fathers, for variety!) I'll try to get a screenshot later!

So, she fell in love with a townie, named Clarence Philippine. Of course, I had them "try for baby", and after two tries, Nicole got pregnant! She ended up having twin girls:

Baby #1 is Lilly, and Baby #2 is Allie! They both have brown hair and brown eyes, and are almost toddlers!

So, after the twins were born, I immediately started working on the next pregnancy. For the next baby, I chose Marcel Jocque as the father, because he was in the welcome wagon, and already friends with Nicole. She's currently 3 days pregnant, so she should be giving birth soon! I'll most likely update later today or tomorrow. :)

Also, since I'm just starting out, any tips would be extremely helpful! It's already tough to keep everyone's moods up!

Thanks for reading!

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