Thursday, February 23, 2012

Babies #3-#8

So much has already happened today, so I thought I'd make a post! Unfortunately, my screenshot folder is only keeping the most recent screenshot. No idea why. So, when I fix it, I'll post some pictures. I'll update with more detailed information then.

Okay, so, not long after I started the game back up, Lilly and Allie grew into toddlers. Nicole taught them to walk, and then started teaching them to talk, but went into labor. She gave birth to another baby girl, named Sophie, whose father is, again, Marcel Jocque. Around the same time Sophie became a toddler, Nicole gave birth to another girl, the daughter of John Mole, named Hannah. After that came Matthew, son of Neil Chalmers, and then Henry, son of Jason Menon. Then came babies #7 and #8, Samantha and Tristan, the children of Jihoon Hsu.

During this time, Lilly and Allie aged all the way to teens, Sophie and Hannah to children, and Matthew and Henry to toddlers. :)

Also, I'm planning on doing the challenge on Sims 3 as well! I'll be making a blog for it soon. :)

Babies #1 and #2

I started the challenge last night! So, I began with a woman named Nicole McGreggor. I took a screenshot of her, but I can't find it. (Sorry, I'm new at the whole storytelling thing!) Anyway, she has brown hair and green eyes, and she's a Family Aspiration, with a secondary Romance Aspiration. (I decided to make all the babies have different fathers, for variety!) I'll try to get a screenshot later!

So, she fell in love with a townie, named Clarence Philippine. Of course, I had them "try for baby", and after two tries, Nicole got pregnant! She ended up having twin girls:

Baby #1 is Lilly, and Baby #2 is Allie! They both have brown hair and brown eyes, and are almost toddlers!

So, after the twins were born, I immediately started working on the next pregnancy. For the next baby, I chose Marcel Jocque as the father, because he was in the welcome wagon, and already friends with Nicole. She's currently 3 days pregnant, so she should be giving birth soon! I'll most likely update later today or tomorrow. :)

Also, since I'm just starting out, any tips would be extremely helpful! It's already tough to keep everyone's moods up!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hi, everyone! My name is Nicole (aka Nikki), and I'm starting the 100 Baby Challenge on Sims 2. I haven't started quite yet, but I'm going to as soon as I post this. I'll be making a custom neighborhood, so I don't mess up a regular one. This is going to be a really tough challenge, especially since I hate having to move my Sims' children out!
You can find all of the rules to the challenge at Mod the Sims (the link is in the sidebar), but I'm going to choose my own set from the options.
The required rules are: (these are paraphrased)

  • You must create an Adult Female in CAS. You can't create any other Sims, or pets.
  • Then move to a lot you can afford. Money cheats are allowed just to buy the essentials. All items must be the cheapest or second cheapest of each item.
  • Once this is done, you must use the Family Funds cheat for 1000 Simoleons (family funds [household name] 1000)
  • You can use any male Sim as a father, be it a townie, premade Sims, or Sims you've made (as long as they live on another lot). Fall in love, and Try for Baby. The father may not move in.

I'm also using the following rules:.

  • Play with aging off, so the mother never becomes an elder. Babies can age after 3 days, as long as they're in a good mood. Toddlers can age once they learn all their toddler skills and are friends with the mother. Children may age once they have an A+ in school, have 5 points in at least 1 skill, and have 1 best friend (outside the family). Teens may age once they are an overachiever (A+ in school and level 3 teen job), max out at least 1 skill, are at least friends with everyone in the family, and be best friends with at least one other sim (not in the family). If they are to go to Uni, they must have at least 3 scholarships.
  • No matchmaker to find the father.
  • All children must go to school.
  • You can have a home business, but no community ones.
I'm still debating whether to use different fathers for each kid.

Also, I'm using the Trips & Quads mod (that link is also in the sidebar).

This is my first Sims challenge (even though I've been playing since 2000) So wish me luck! I'll update later tonight (hopefully I'll remember! :P)